Enhancing data quality and use — the role of GO in the humanitarian data ecosystem

The IFRC’s role to learn from and respond to recurrent and under-the-radar crises

Source: IFRC GO

Leveraging the IFRC’s convening role

IFRC Ops Manager presenting the operational toolbox on GO to the Romanian Red Cross

GO GO GO — from talk to action

  • Firstly, we will be making visible more information on past events from the Global Crisis Data Bank, and we will visualise more impact forecasts associated with specific hydro-meteorological hazards from our partners.
  • More importantly, we will be bringing a number of key processes onto GO, including the DREF, which National Societies use to request funds from IFRC for both anticipatory action and to respond to disasters once they do occur.
  • We will also be working to use the information from the impact-forecast models to automatically generate maps and to pre-populate and/or validate information in forms that is currently entered manually. These enhancements will save our colleagues time and help National Societies that do not currently take advantage of funding opportunities do so in the future.



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